Please enjoy my presentation at this year’s Prenatal Bonding Summit for APPPAH!

The Four Baskets are the primary foundation for our lives- everything experienced during conception, gestation, birth and the first 6 hours after birth- becomes the core foundation for how we experience the rest of life. Unresolved energy (confusion, trauma, shock) in any one of these time frames can obscure access to your authentic being. I have adapted and integrated teachings and processes from various pathways to help bring awareness to the experiences in your primary period in order to restore the Four Baskets individually and collectively.

Peace on Earth begins before Birth

photo of Catherine Lightfoot in the Birthing Cave, Sedona, AZ

We all carry the womb with us… everything that happened within that cave is imprinted into our consciousness and is the format for how we relate to the world. A beautiful and simple way to explore and share this concept is revealed in the Four Baskets.

To learn more about the Four Baskets, start with the Introduction Page. If you are interested in diving deeper into your own Four Baskets journey, please consider taking the Four Baskets e-course.