About Catherine/Resources

Catherine Lightfoot mother~midwife~author~ divine feminine warrior

I have been called a spiritual archaeologist, digging deep into layers of the psyche, uncovering hidden artifacts and remnants of what happened before in order to gain a clearer picture of what is happening now. I am most passionate about being a guardian of the sacred gate that we call birth; bearing witness to the awakening of a woman’s power; informing, healing and protecting the Four Baskets- the time frame from conception to six hours after birth.  I received these ancient vedic teachings during my time at a small spiritual school in Southern India. The bulk of the information that we  now know about how the Four Baskets can affect our lives has developed through the process of sharing these teachings with hundreds of people over the past 7 years, as well as researching the writings and works of the many other sacred warriors of this field (see below). My work as a traditional midwife gives a unique perspective for these teachings and this process.

You can find more about Catherine Lightfoot, CPM at http://www.lightfootbirth.com

Other teachers, authors, supporters of the conscious baby:

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And many more brave souls… Thank you all!