Four Baskets e-Course

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Welcome to the Four Baskets online course!

The Four Baskets is a concept introduced to me during time spent at a small spiritual school in India, and are based on ancient Vedic teachings about the time frame from conception through six hours after birth.  Vedic wisdom says, “The root of all dysfunction, disease and disorder of humanity can be traced to disruption in one of these baskets.”   Which means that the opposite is also true, “All Health, Happiness and Wholeness can be traced back to the Four Baskets!”  As the primary foundation of life, the Four Baskets hold our primal experiences; experiences that leave a lasting imprint and form the core ‘lens’ through which we perceive the rest of our life.  The Four Baskets create a template for how we will be in relationship with ourselves, our mother and father, our partners, our children, our world.  By bringing awareness to these connections, deep healing and transformation can and do happen.

Each Section of the e-course will discuss one of the Four Baskets, one time frame of our primal development, along with guidance for self-reflection and tips for weaving through the layers of experience to uncover the beginnings of your life and how these experiences may have shaped your life and your relationships.

This is a self-discovery course with reading, reflection and journaling; you will have access to the content for 8 weeks. You may wish to have a Journal available to write down your reflections as you move through the course.

My recommendation is to do one section per week to allow unrushed time for self-reflection, pick a day of the week that you don’t generally have much going on (such as Saturday mornings or Wednesday evenings) and mark your calendar on that day for the next 5 weeks, to do one lesson of the Four Baskets e-course.  But certainly you can move through it quicker if you wish, or take more time for a section. At the end of 8 weeks, if you did not complete the course, or want to revisit the course, you would need to re-purchase it (it is priced low for this purpose).


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns as you move through this process.