What are the Four Baskets?

The Four Baskets refers to the time frames of conception, gestation, birth, and the first hours after birth- these time frames are the primary foundation of our lives (also called the Prenatal and Perinatal period.) The experiences we have during our Four Baskets become the lens through which we perceive the rest of our lives. If there was stress or trauma during any Basket it can create a pattern of stuck energy that we find ourselves repeating over and over throughout our lives. The Four Baskets is a process that brings awareness to these areas and can resolve or restore the primary foundation … like buffing a scratch out of a glass lens, or straightening out a kink in the weave… So that life can proceed smoother with more clarity.

Our e-course covers the teachings of all Four Baskets and takes you on a personal journey of your own conception, womb-time, birth and first hours of life after birth.

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First Basket

Time frame: conception, from first thought to about 8 weeks gestation

Element: Ether, Air and Fire

From the first thought…a secret wish… glimmer in the eye… hopes and dreams not for someday but now- this moon! Song created to sing a child into existence… an intention spoken and shared… a whisper in the night between two lovers. To the spark of life itself- moment if conception- the union where two become one and the one becomes the portal for more.

“First Basket” from Four Baskets- from Womb to World by Catherine Lightfoot

Second Basket

Time frame: gestation, from about 8 weeks to just before labor

Element: Water

Floating in an ocean of love, all my needs are provided effortlessly. Held, rocked, comforted… heartbeat and breath are the landscape of my daily life… I know I am never alone.

“Second Basket” from Four Baskets- from Womb to World by Catherine Lightfoot

Third Basket

Time frame: birth journey, from beginnings of labor to just before emergence

Element: Earth

movement that rocks to the core… Like an earthquake… big change, upheaval that awakens the spiral dance… intense purpose. The culmination of all these moons of preparation- the smallest, biggest journey you’ll ever make… Rocked and squeezed- down and down and down and out, through the body of the Earth mother herself…

“Third Basket” from Four Baskets- from Womb to World by Catherine Lightfoot

Fourth Basket

Time frame: emergence to six hours after birth

Element: Air

Completion of an arduous journey… Release into the wide open– eyes wide open, mind wide open… air expands in as fluid flows out… Skin on skin- return… love’s first kiss- return… heart, breath, rhythm- return… There’s no going back, only forward together.

“Fourth Basket” from Four Baskets- from Womb to World by Catherine Lightfoot

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This was really incredible, the amount of information you have put together has been so helpful!


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